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    Bright Eyed
    Insomnia and Its Cultures (Exploded Views)

    by R.M. Vaughan

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    • Publisher: Coach House Books
    • Release date: June 23, 2015
    • Format: paperback, 136 pages
    • ISBN: 9781552453124 (155245312X)
    • Author: R.M. Vaughan
    • Language: english
    • Genres: essays

    About The Book

    For forty years, RM Vaughan has been fighting, and failing, to get his forty winks each night. He’s not alone, not by any stretch.

    More and more studies highlight the health risks of undersleeping, yet we never been asked to do more, and for longer. And we can’t stop thinking that a lack of sleep is heroic: snoozing is a kind of laziness, after all. But why, when we know more about the value of sleep, are we obsessed with twenty-four-hour workdays and deliberate sleep deprivation?

    Working outward from his own experience, Vaughan explores this insomnia culture we’ve created, predicting a cultural collision — will we soon have to legislate rest, as France has done? — and wondering about the cause-and-effect model of our shorter attention spans. Does the fact that we are almost universally underslept change how our world works? We know it’s an issue with, say, pilots and truck drivers, but what about artists — does an insomnia culture change creativity? And what are the long-term cultural consequences of this increasing sacrifice for the ever-elusive goal of “total productivity”?

    RM Vaughan is the author of nine books and many short video works. He contributes essays on culture and society to numerous publications and his video works play in galleries and festivals around the world.

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