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    (Making of England, #3)
    by Stewart Binns

    Anarchy · CLICK HERE

    • Author: Stewart Binns
    • Publisher: Penguin
    • Release date: June 20, 2013
    • Genres: historical, fiction, medieval
    • Format: paperback, 544 pages
    • Language: english
    • Series: Making of England, #3
    • ISBN: 9780718194598 (0718194594)

    About The Book

    Anarchy is the knuckle-whitening third novel in Stewart Binns’ The Making of England series.

    Ruthless brutality, greed and ambition: the Anarchy

    The year is 1186, the thirty-second year of the reign of Henry II.

    Gilbert Foliot, Bishop of London, has lived through long Henry’s reign and that of his grandfather, Henry I. He has witnessed the terrifying civil war between Henry II’s mother, the Empress Matilda, and her cousin, Stephen; a time so traumatic it becomes known as the Anarchy.

    The greatest letter writer of the 12th Century, Folio gives an intimate account of one of England’s most troubled eras. Central to his account is the life of a knight he first met over fifty years earlier, Harold of Hereford.

    Harold’s life is an intriguing microcosm of the times. Born of noble blood and legendary lineage, he is one of the nine founders of the Knights Templar and a survivor of the fearsome battles of the Crusader States in the Holy Land.

    Harold is loyal warrior in the cause of the Empress Matilda. On his broad shoulders, Harold carries the legacy of England’s past and its dormant hopes for the future.

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