About Us

About Us

Has job hunting become frustrating and exhausting? 
Mailbox being bombarded with unrelated job posts?
Then Grad Guidance is the solution for you young graduate we are here to bridge the gap and make your lives easier.

We are a South African based company and our aim is to connect all graduates with their dream job.
This platform has been stress-free when job hunting ensuring you only get the emails you want.
The platform has many customized search options allowing you to upload your CV/Resume.

Grad Guidance is a recruitment based website, where all the relative information concerning the job you want is made available, job hunting made simply as we say goodbye to unnecessary emails and yes to your future dream job.
Discover employment opportunities for job seekers with our integrated approach which focuses on our innovative technology and expertise into powerful, easy to use solutions to help the best job but more of them.

We have streamlined the process to save you more time and money and to help you make smarter decisions to improve your skills and experience.
We believe in consistent and uncompromising adherence to strong moral and ethical principles in regards to protecting the privacy and safety of our online community.
This journey will be easy if you walk with us, together we make the job market a better place.

What is our Goal?

It fills the current gap and increases the number of unemployed youth in our country. In this journey, our main target is graduates and the working class with 0- 2 years of work experience. We will build the best job market and use our young generation to bridge the gap in the unemployment crisis in our country.
The vision changes dramatically when we can show companies that our graduates have the potential, willingness, and capbilies in becoming a great asset to the company and help make South Africa a better place.

Why US?

Many companies don't offer graduates and interns with any benefits at all. 
Grad Guidance is the first job portal to offer graduates with the job opportunities they deserve without any job experience or a min of 0-2 years of work experience.
Our website is designed with the latest technology.
There is plenty of custom search options that can save you time and money and job hunting easier than it's ever been.